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Deep Liquidity

Deep Liquidity

We provide liquidity deep in the order book, not just on best price levels.

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Price Stability

Price Stability

Deep liquidity ensures better stability of the token price. This is appreciated by the community.

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More Volume

More Volume

Price stability attracts more investors and capital per investor. This increases volume.


How is market maker useful


Liquidity provided by market maker protects from price manipulations (eg. pump-and-dump schemes), volatility caused by deep hits and execution slippage (see the first figure). The price stability supported by market maker creates better conditions for investors and community, leading to price growth as well (see the second figure).

It's also beneficial to 'diversify' liquidity budget between more than one market maker, as their algorithms differ and a single one can sometimes disappear from the market for technical or volatility reasons.

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How Liquidity Labs differ



Our liquidity fees start from $500/week (or equivalent in your token) and are therefore available even to small projects. Ask us for quote using the form below.


No conflict of interests

We have no traders incentivized by their profit, we won't trade against you and your community.


Clear Mission

We believe in DeFi and our goal is to make altcoin markets more stable for the sake of both projects and community.


Small team

We are a small team specializing on small volatile tokens and providing services to other small teams.

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